RV Wiper

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RV Wiper - 2 Screw Bayonet mount


RV Wiper

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RV Wiper

RV Wipers for 2 screw bayonet mount.
Mounting hardware included.

Very common but hard to find RV Wiper.  Fits many Fleetwood RVs including Bounder, Flair, American series, Pace Arrow, Discovery, Excursion, Expedition, Providence, Southwind and others.  Also fits several National RV models. Common on commercial bus conversions as well. Just measure for proper length and confirm 2 screw bayonet mount. Sold individually as passenger and driver side may require different lengths.

Finally - a complete solution for those hard to replace RV wipers. Others solutions you find online cost too much and are not complete solutions.

I personally own a Fleetwood Discovery RV and lost a wiper on my last trip.  I went all over town trying to find a replacement and simply couldn't.  In an obscure camping store, I did find bayonet adapters but they cost a fortune.  I had no other option so I purchased the adapters and a wiper blade as well, only to find that I was lacking a pin to attached the adapter to the blade.  The expectation is that the pin is already attached to the side of the wiper arm, like found on some cars.  Neither the wiper or the adapter include a pin of any sort.  The adapters just straddle the wiper blade - And they won't straddle just any wiper, I had to trim the one I bought with a razor knife to make it thin enough to work.  Lacking the Pin, I finally fashioned a temporary nut and bolt to hold it together so I could get home.  But even making that work required that I drill out the wiper and the holes in the adapter.  It was tedious and time consuming.  

The only kits I could find online lacked the pin as well.  So I decided it was time for a reasonably priced, turnkey solution.

These wipers have the 2 screw bayonet adapters already installed.  The pin has been taken care of.  Included are the 2 small screws needed to attach these to your RV wiper arms.  It couldn't be simpler. 

The mount on these wipers is better than OE, in that they include a spring at the attachment point so the wiper arm is captured between the spring and the mounting plate that the screws go through.  This holds the wiper in place while you put the screws through.  And can help hold the wiper in the event that you lose a screw.

These are not Aero style (or Beam blades) as those won't always lay flat against the very flat windshields of RVs.  This articulating type gives better contact on any type of windscreen.

We also sell these thru eBay if you would rather purchase there: Buy 26" pair on eBay or buy 28" pair on eBay

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