Oil Diverter 3 Pack

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Oil Diverter 3 Pack

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Oil Diverter 3 Pack

Oil Diverter 3 Pack

The same great oil diverter that's provided with each oil and filter kit can also be purchased in groups of 3.

Eliminate your messes with these super versatile funnels.  Is your drain pan not big enough to catch the sideways flow of oil from your engine and the steady drips that always seem to fall straight down?

Now your worries are over - use the strong magnets on each of the ears to hold the diverter in place. Go ahead and drop your round drain plug into the funnel - it won't block the flow because the opening is square.  If your drain plug finds it's way into your oil, just dip one of the magnetic ears into the oil to retrieve it.

You'll find many uses for these unique oil diverters.

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Oil Diverter
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